For many people, when they think of events, they will immediately think of the food! In fact, food is an integral part of many events, from weddings to parties. Your guests will probably be expecting food of some sort, depending on the format and length of the event, and it’s important to live up to their expectations! When it comes to event catering Guildford, we know a thing or two. We have years of experience in events management, so we’ve worked with a fair few caterers in Guildford and beyond!

In today’s blog post, we’ve put together some things to consider when shopping around for the best event catering in Guildford. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you’re sure to find some that work well for you. But, before you jump in with the first caterer you find, have a read of this post and make sure you’ve thought everything through to pull off the best event possible!

What are you looking for from your event catering Guildford?

When you start to look for the right catering team to assist at your event, there are a few things to consider first. Perhaps most importantly, there’s your budget. How much money have you got to spend? Are you flexible on this at all? It goes without saying that it’s important to find catering that fits in your budget. This may influence the sort of catering that you go for. For example, canapes or a BBQ costs less than a full-service sit-down meal.

After this, you want to make sure that any catering company you’re considering using is reputable. Check out their reviews online, and also ask to be put in touch with previous clients who have had similar events to yours if possible. This should give you a good idea about them and whether they do a good job or not! It’s important to do this research in the early stages to make sure you have no nasty surprises in the lead up to your event or, even worse, on the day.


The format of your event needs thought

Secondly, it’s important to consider the format of your event when looking for the right event catering Guildford. Is it a formal sit down meal? Or a very informal buffet? perhaps a BBQ would work well for a summer event? It’s also important to think about your event as a whole. If it’s super casual, then transitioning to a full sit-down dinner might not work. Different caterers specialise in different types of catering, so have a look around and see what fits you and your needs best.

How many people are attending?

Now, this may go without saying, but it’s vital that you consider the number of people you are expecting to attend your event, so you and your caterer can plan for how much food you will need. Furthermore, how many meals or snacks will your guests be expecting? If your event is just for a couple of hours in the afternoon, a few snacks or canapes may suffice. However, if it’s an all-day wedding reception, a couple of meals may be required! Your event catering Guildford provider will be able to advise you on roughly the right amount of food, and the format it can take,

What does your event catering Guildford team offer?

When it comes to catering, different companies will offer different packages. Some will simply prepare the delicious food and drop it off at your venue ready for you. Others offer a full-service package. This means that wait staff will also come to your venue to serve the food and assist your guests. What’s right for you will depend on the format of your event, as well as your budget. It’s cheaper to go for a simple food drop-off, but if you’re looking to add some extra wow-factor to your event, having personal wait staff there is certainly one way to do it! Many catering companies have a variety of packages to suit different needs. So, make sure to discuss this well in advance so that you’re both on the same page.

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Don’t forget drinks!

Drinks are a very important part of any event, from weddings to sports events. So, it’s vital that you don’t forget about them and plan accordingly! Will alcohol be available? How many guests are you expecting, and how many will be drinking alcohol? Do you want to have a staffed bar, or serve yourselves? Many caterers offer drinks packages along with their food, so it’s definitely something to consider. Or, your venue many offer their own drinks packages that can be tailored to suit your needs, as we do here at the Guildford Pavilion.

Nobody wants their event to run out of drinks to keep the party going. So, it may be a good idea to overestimate on this front to ensure that you have enough. After all, even if you do over-provide, it will get drunk eventually! Also think about where your event is being held and the time of year- fresh lemonade is great for a summer outdoor event, whereas mulled win is suited to anything near the festive season. Any good event catering Guildford team will be able to offer you an extensive drinks menu to go along with the theme and style of your event!

Why choose the Guildford Pavilion for event catering Guildford?

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We’re passionate about events here at the Guildford Pavilion. We have three multi-use function rooms that can host all sorts of events. From private sports matches to intimate meetings or private dining, we do it all. There’s something to suit everyone! And, our events management team is Surrey Event Professionals. This team has plenty of experience in all things events, and has connections with plenty of caterers in the local area. When you choose to host your event with us, we can offer a variety of catering packages to suit your needs!

We can work with you to give as much or as little support as you need when it comes to events planning. Our beautifully-renovated spaces provide the perfect neutral backdrop to make your event truly your own. That includes the catering options! Why not get in touch today to find out more about how we can work with you?