Are you planning a corporate event? Perhaps a meeting, training day, or conference? If so, you may be contemplating whether you should hire a boardroom. There are many benefits to doing so for any corporate event. In today’s blog post, we’ll be going through some of them so you can see just how beneficial hiring an outside boardroom can be for any corporate event, whether it’s just your team, or you have outside guests too. Keep on reading to find out more…

A boardroom takes you out of the office

One of the main benefits of a boardroom for an internal meeting or conference is it takes you and your team out of the office for a day, or possibly even longer. Who doesn’t like a change of scenery? But, it can also be really good for productivity. People are more likely to focus in an environment where they’re not distracted by the regularities of their normal working day. Nobody will be nipping back to their computer for two minutes to reply to an email if their computer isn’t at the venue with them!

A change of scene can be great for creativity and help those new ideas flow. Plus, if you’re hosting a meeting or conference with people outside of your organisation, if you hire a boardroom it’s sure to impress them! It also shows that you’ve made an effort for them, and really care about your meeting together. It’s a win-win situation, whatever sort of corporate event you’re hosting!

Hire a boardroom and choose from a range of locations

Furthermore, if you choose to hire a boardroom, you can pick from a whole variety of locations away from your office. Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit? Or again, perhaps you just want a change of scene. Choosing a new location for your event away from your usual town gives you a great excuse to explore a new place at the same time. Why not take your team out afterwards and have dinner in a new restaurant? Or explore the other nightlife options that the place offers! It’s a great way to add an extra bit of excitement to any corporate event that is sure to make it seem that bit more appealing to all attendees.

Boardrooms offer great facilities

Depending on the event that you’re putting on, sometimes your office just doesn’t have the right facilities. This is usually the case if the location or team is small. That’s another reason why you should hire a boardroom! They’re sure to have everything you need, from ample seating to TV monitors and projectors. This is great if you want to make an extra good impression with your delegates and show off your professionalism. Plus, it makes everything a whole lot easier when you have the correct equipment to hand!

Hire a boardroom and you’ll get more space!

Leading on from this, if you choose to hire a boardroom you also get the added benefit of having extra space. So, if you’re inviting delegates from outside of your organisation, you can be sure that your venue will have enough room to fit everyone in comfortably. Furthermore, with Covid-19 and social distancing regulations ongoing, many people may find that their offices aren’t big enough to carry out training events safely. Hiring a big enough boardroom is a great way to solve this problem. It just makes sure that everyone is kept as safe as possible!

It’s always convenient

Another great benefit that comes when you hire a boardroom is the convenience. You don’t have to worry about setting up your own meeting room and making sure that everything looks perfect. It’s already set up for you! All you need to do is turn up. And, bring anything you might need in the way of laptops, presentations, and so on. Also, you don’t need to worry about cleaning up at the end of the day. You can leave that up to your venue! All of this means that you have far fewer things to worry about, and your event is sure to run more smoothly as a result.

Hire a boardroom: The Guildford Pavilion

We’re really proud of all of our facilities here at the Guildford Pavilion. If you’re looking to hire a boardroom in Guildford, we’re sure that our Boardroom, or indeed one of our other rooms, will be just the thing you need!

The Boardroom is located on the second floor of the Pavilion. Providing a top of the range meeting space, this room boasts large windows along one wall with incredible views across the Woodbridge sports ground. The capacity is up to 16 in the traditional boardroom style, and up to 30 in a theatre-style setup. The room leads out onto a large open terrace which is perfect for post-meeting drinks or a summer lunch outside. This intimate room is perfect for board meetings, private dining or as a break-out space.

If this isn’t quite big enough, our larger Long Room can host up to 180 guests. So, it is perfect for larger events! All of our indoor facilities come with seating and table hire included. Catering and drinks packages can be arranged for that extra wow-factor! Furthermore, they also come with facilities such as plasma screens and free onsite parking. Our experienced onsite events managers, Surrey Event Professionals, are also here to help with whatever you need to make your event the best it can be, too.

Want to find out more about our Boardroom and how we can help you with your next corporate event? Simply get in touch today, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!