Sustainability & Wellbeing

We are serious about our impact on the planet. It is incumbent upon everyone to do their bit, and we are focusing on our controls and processes as we move forward


As a venue, we have an ambition to be carbon neutral in the future. We are doing this by working with environmentally conscious suppliers, recycling all materials wherever possible, and opting for sustainable and reusable products. Our prefered caterers are chosen with sustainability in mind. We do not use single-use plastic on site and have a policy of glass-only bottles. Where we can, we use local suppliers; reducing the travel distance of produce has one of the biggest impacts on climate. Our venue is heated with an air-source heat pump and our bulbs are LED to reduce our power consumption. All our printed materials are from 100% recycled paper and are recycled.


  • We provide access to a large outdoor space, suitable for event breakout space, allowing delegates or attendees access to fresh air throughout the day.
  • We encourage and help our teams to live a healthy lifestyle with sensible hours of work.
  • Staff have access to outside space for their breaks
  • Our ambition is to promote and support mental health for our colleagues.

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