Event Catering in Guildford

Event Catering in Guildford

Good food is what binds people together and it always tastes better when shared with colleagues, or, family and friends. That is why The Guildford Pavilion focuses on creating experiences and offering some of the best event catering in Guildford.

event catering in guildford

The Guildford Pavilion’s Preferred Caterers

We can safely say that our Preferred List of Caterers offers an exceptional range of products, flexibility and sustainability.

The Pavilion has ensured that the list of caterers offers a choice for clients with varying budgets. Upon booking your caterer, you will be offered different menu options and guided through the best choices for your event. The Guildford Pavilion is very serious about looking after the planet and our caterers have been chosen with sustainability in mind. By choosing and supporting local, we guarantee that the ingredients used at the venue are fresh and of great quality.

Event Catering Examples

From plated dinner parties to paellas, BBQ’s to street food, the venue has a suitable event caterer for everyone. Our experienced event team will advise the right catering options for you after your first viewing. But, for some inspiration, here are some examples of recent events with exceptional catering.

We hosted a private luxury wine tasting evening, with food from Maggie’s Kitchen. Wine&Something and Maggie’s Kitchen  perfectly paired the right canapés, bowl food, desserts and cheese boards to the exquisite range of flavours in the wine. Maggie has been cooking delicious home-cooked recipes for many years. As well as buying the best quality ingredients, she also likes to forage her ingredients from the great outdoors around her!

wine tasting

Another evening featuring some incredible food was an annual corporate team evening. A Pub Quiz and Curry night was hosted for employees and naturally, Mandira’s Kitchen was ideal for this. They worked closely with the client to provide a bespoke menu with samosas and homemade chutneys, a range of delicious curries, and fresh fruit sorbets. Mandira has become a local celebrity over the past few years, especially after featuring in Channels 4’s Aldi’s Next Big Thing.

Another of our caterers, Chop and Chip, won the crowd at a themed Guildford Jazz gig last summer. Chop and Chip’s usual offering is based around street food and BBQ’s. So, when Guildford Jazz requested a bespoke South African Braai they were ready for a challenge and the food was the star of the show! This case study is a perfect example as to how amenable and flexible our caterers can be.

The Tipsy Pigs offer a great range of hot or cold buffets, dinner menus and canapes, suitable for many events. Then there is BBQ Chefs, a local BBQ and Hog Roast provider. Finally, we have Caper and Berry, the most high-end of our caterers, who offer an unforgettable event catering experience for luxury events.

To find out more about our preferred list of caterers, please contact info@guildfordpavilion.com, or call 01483 495027 to talk to a member of the team.



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